The Why Hero

Meeting Rooms are in.

Our Purpose

To provide a frictionless, on-demand platform for accessing clean, professional meeting spaces and boardrooms that empowers the modern business professional to work, collaborate and aim big from anywhere.

Why Purpose
Why Vision
Our Vision

To become the world's default platform for enabling face-to-face meetings.

Our Mission

To empower the growing gig economy and hybrid workforce and help corporate workers to overcome the rising collboration deficit, using a safe, low-carbon, sharing-economy platform.

Why Mission
Who's behind Just Meeting Rooms, you ask?

Not all heroes wear capes, but these ones do! Leveraging over 20 years of marketing and technology experience, the Just Meeting Rooms team works passionately to deliver customer-centric service solutions to national and international clients. The launch of Just Meeting Rooms represents a proud achievement toward their goal to empower business professionals and gig workers and help lower the carbon footprint of commercial real estate.

Why Mission
The Team
Diverse business experience

With a combination of venture capital, technology and ecommerce experience, our board team brings a deep understanding and long history of success in launching and scaling winning businesses.

The Board
Irene Chang Irene Chang

Board Member

Darryl Jenkins Darryl Jenkins

Board Member

John Pearson John Pearson

Board Member

John Ruffalo John Ruffalo

Board Member