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Close Deals Faster with These 3 Tips

How to make yourself stand out better in 2023.

The competition is hot – and only getting hotter. Which is partly what makes business so fun, right? Still, in the face of an ever-intensifying landscape where the client’s decision process is always evolving, how do you stand out?

Here are three proven strategies for closing deals faster and standing out more in 2023 (and beyond).

1. Know what your client wants before they do.

Unless you moonlight as a psychic, gaining a holistic, intuitive understanding of your client is the hardest step in the sales cycle to master. By holistic, we mean knowing them in and out, including their goals, barriers, pain points, industry and competitors. But don’t regurgitate all this information during your client meeting. Instead, use a show vs. tell approach to paint an aspirational picture of how YOU are the ideal solution to their challenge.

2. Be your authentic self, you curious creature.

We don’t mean show up in your very authentic housecoat and bunny slippers. We mean be human in a personable yet professional way. Too often, connections fail when the client feels they’re being pitched at by a machine, only interested in cold profit and their own survival (robots, am I right?!). Instead, get genuinely excited about your client’s challenges and show them the human side of your understanding, compassion, vision and leadership. Remember: clients are human and, as such, want to do business with another human.

3. Let’s get physical (in terms of meeting location).

While work-from-anywhere continues to evolve, meetings in a physical location remain a must. According to McKinsey & Company, complex or high stakes decisions are still best made via in-person, collaborative settings. Not to mention Entrepreneur’s report that you’re ten times more likely to close a deal in the flesh vs. on the screen. But while in-person is a must, coffee shops don’t cut it. A quiet, professional boardroom, in a location that suits your client’s needs, is still the best way to go – and we may or may not know of the perfect solution for renting meeting space on demand.

The new way to open old doors.

Evolving isn’t always about dropping everything old for everything new. It can also be about bringing back the tried-and-true classics: be yourself, shake hands in person, get to know your client. Now, with sassy technology solutions at your fingertips to make keeping-it-classic the new black, you’re on your way to standing out and closing deals faster in 2023.

Go get ’em, tiger.

Now go forth and just book a boardroom.

Happy meetings,
The Just Meeting Rooms Team